Artist Statement

Ian Harris Ceramics

I work in an intuitive way, constantly sketching, designing, and exploring ideas — “thinking on paper”. Initial themes are often developed from small, observed details of natural forms — a crack running through a pebble; worn elements of a broken oyster shell; an angular fracture in a piece of flint.

Nothing is treated literally, and every piece of work is individually created. These are just the starting points for exploring and improvising around a theme, some of which have been evolving over many years.

Ian Harris Ceramics

I let each piece of work dry slowly and naturally in the old, stone built blacksmith’s forge which is my workshop and gallery, and I really enjoy the slow and gradual development of each vessel as it is created over many days. I coil, beat and scrape the clay, building up textures and surfaces as they relate to the evolving design, and explore the different characteristics of the clay bodies that I use, which are intrinsic to the development of the work.

As well as new work being constantly on show at the workshop, my work can be seen at galleries around the country, and at major international ceramics and arts festivals. My work has also gone to private collections in America, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Switzerland, Germany, and Holland.